Puritans and the salem witch trials essays for scholarships

In addition, one man was pressed to death by heavy weights for refusing to enter a plea; at least eight people died in prison, including one infant and one child; and more than one hundred and fifty individuals were jailed while awaiting trial. Due to the survival of many relevant records, including notes, depositions, and official rulings, the main facts of the accusations, arrests, trials, and executions are known.

Puritans and the salem witch trials essays for scholarships

Salem is a Puritan community, and its inhabitants live in an extremely restrictive society. Although the Puritans left England to avoid religious persecution, they established a society in America founded upon religious intolerance.

Government and religious authority are virtually inseparable, and individuals who question local authority are accused of questioning divine authority. The Puritan community considers physical labor and strict adherence to religious doctrine the best indicators of faithfulness, honesty, and integrity.

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Puritan society stresses the sense of community that results from shared experiences and beliefs. As an unsurprising result, the church dominates the Puritan culture.

The church provides individuals with common shared experiences via the Scriptures, and a communal source of morality based on shared values. Thus, a sermon serves as a tool to teach a biblical lesson, and the theocratic government reinforces the precepts from the sermon.

For example, a sermon focusing on the fall of Adam and Eve might discuss the danger of physical gratification and the imminent disobedience resulting from desire. By extension, Puritan society discourages individuality, as well as individual desires.

Of course, ways around these rules do exist. However, in general, one can describe Salem as a rigid society, emphasizing work and the suppression of individual desires.View Essay - DBQ Essay- Salem Witchtrials from HIST at Carl Wunsche Sr H S.

Salem Witch Trials DBQ In the s, Protestant Christians known as Puritans, immigrated to New England to avoid the%(1). Marcus 9/20/10 DBQ Essay American History What Caused the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria of ?

The Salem Witch Trials of represent a part of New England history that is unique in the entire history of the United States of America and, in some respect, also in . Salem Witch Trials Essay.

Puritans and the salem witch trials essays on global warming

By Lauren Bradshaw. November 23, Example Essays.

puritans and the salem witch trials essays for scholarships

The Salem Witch Trials, of , occurred in Salem Massachusetts. This is a case where people accused other people of witchcraft.


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Required fields are marked * Comment. Puritans believed success brought on good standings with God. If you positively contributed to the community then you were obviously in good standings with God.

If you were a drain on the community and had nothing positive to offer then you were not so lucky. Witchcraft Salem Witch Trials History Essays] Powerful Essays words .


The Salem witch trials of took place in Salem, Massachusetts. Overall, people were arrested as 19 were hanged and one person crushed to death. Researchers describe the Salem witch trials as a series of court trials that were aimed at prosecuting persons who had been accused of witchcraft.

The trials took place between and

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