My grand mother s house

With the death of the Grandmother, the house ceased being inhabited.

My grand mother s house

The opening line tells the readers about her grandmothers house, where she lived when she was very young. In that house she enjoyed much love and pleasure. Kamala Das was too young to remember those happy moments, still she recollects her experiences. The death took her lovely grandmother to heaven!

Thus she was not able to read books. After grandmother was gone to heaven the books in the library of that house left unread. Snakes started to move among the book stacks. Seeing this the little Kamala Das felt fear. But still she likes to visit that old house where she enjoyed much freedom and unlimited love.

She thinks of going there and to peep through the window of that house and to listen to that frozen air there. Brooding dog means thinking dog. In the next line she compares her childhood experiences with the present world human nature.

Though she had enjoyed the love in her past life, she lost them all in the present era.

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Now she has to beg at the doors of strangers for love. Nobody is ready to honor, consider and love each other. She would be happy if she could get at least a small amount of love. He is a post-graduate in English Language and Literature and a web addict.

He is post-graduated in English Language and Literature, also works as Graphic Designer, always tends to be innovative. His areas of interest are Blogging, Designing, Programming etc.My Grandmother’s House is a nostalgic poem written by Kamala Das (Kamala Surayya).

Though it’s a short poem its meaning is vast and wide. The undercurrent of the poem is Kamala Das’s childhood life with her grandmother where she felt more love and peace than she enjoys in her present life.

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My Grandmother's House is CLOSED..

My grand mother s house

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My grand mother s house

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