Basic business writing course in pasadena california

See Methodology Get Ranking Seal With more than higher education institutions in California, choosing the best school for your needs can be overwhelming; not only do you need to decide on whether to attend a two-year or four-year college, you also have to mine through an extensive amount of government data to find the schools offering the best experience.

Basic business writing course in pasadena california

What are the benefits of knowing about life in Mars March 12, at 7: Also it will give us the opportunity to create a colony on Mars to study this life, giving us the opportunity to learn more on how life can be formed on certain planets and the possibility of life on certain planets similar to Mars.

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March 12, at 8: Now what about this GOD of ours??? Only your god says life is only only on earth, maybe. LOL March 12, at 8: March 12, at 9: I don't believe in the bible, or any religion per say, but for the laws of the universe to behave in such a geometrical and interconnected fashion, it gives the feeling of some sort of creator.

March 12, at The notion that the universe, it's laws, it's constants, whatever, have in any way "come together" in the "perfect way" for life to exist is exactly the same as the puddle in your driveway marveling at the fact that it's hole fits it just perfectly — rather than recognizing that it is in fact the puddle that fits the hole perfectly, because it otherwise would not exist.

March 13, at Science gives us discovery not the knowledge of what is right or wrong and how to live with honesty and respect for others. As for the morality part, it depends on which religion's morality you like.

Every religion can be wrong. Only one can be right.

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Are you trying to suggest that morality is subjective to one's religious views? If so, you certainly can't fault someone for performing human sacrifices on unwilling victims if their religion tells them it's moral to do so.

basic business writing course in pasadena california

After all, it's your position that their morality is defined by their religion, and if that's what their religion tells them to do, then you must accept that it's morally okay to murder in the name of that religion.

I suspect what you're getting after is not subjective morality, but that objective morality is the result of some religion — although people have different opinions about which one is correct, there is only one that is correct.

This is also false. The notion that a god created morality is contradictory to objective morality.

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If a deity created morality, then morality is subjective to that deity, and if morality is subjective to that deity it can't also be objective. If there is an objective morality and a deity, than objective morality supercedes that deity, and that deity has no power over morality — that is, morality is more powerful than "god.

basic business writing course in pasadena california

It is my belief — based on philosophical reasoning — that objective morality is both highly specific IE. That is to say, to have morality, you must first have something capable of recognizing and understanding moral questions.

A lion killing a zebra isn't a moral question because neither the lion nor the zebra are capable of understanding morality. But the ability to understand morality isn't sufficient for morality to exist — you also need a situation that begs a moral question.

It's when these two things come together that morality is created, and that morality is defined by the situation including everything leading up to that situationand is therefor objective IE. It would put a final nail in that silly coffin of the 'We here on Earth are special" idiots. March 13, at 3: Every attempt to do something new in space requires us to develop new techniques, new materials, etc.

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The benefits of those developments don't stop with the space probe, but are then applied elsewhere to human endeavors. There have been studies done that show the money invested in space exploration returns to us several times over.

Better insulating materials, lighter and stronger metals, better communication systems, etc.25 Mar Geometrical Tolerancing to BS and ISO standards Level 2, Teddington, United Kingdom An intensive two day course in geometrical Tolerancing, which follows on from, and builds upon, the Level 1 course.

Polygraph test in Los Angeles area Yes, testing for you from TV's 'Thumbs Up - Thumbs Down Polygraph Guy'! for a complete computerized polygraph examination! California created the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative to further increase opportunities for students to attain higher education degrees with online courses across the state.

This initiative adds processes to continuously further their online education such as online course reviewing, technology best practices, and workshops . Welcome to California State University, Los Angeles. From the catalog you can access course information, curriculum information, programs and services, academic calendars, view academic programs and degrees, and find contact information for the many departments and programs on campus.

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Polygraph test in Los Angeles area Yes, testing for you from TV's 'Thumbs Up - Thumbs Down Polygraph Guy'! for a complete computerized polygraph examination!

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